Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Meal Planning

Every year at this time of year I always very excited that Valentine's Day is almost upon us. Valentine's Day is a great holiday to celebrate with your significant other and family, especially children. While I know that this is a commercial holiday and all that, I still love the thought of spending a day celebrating LOVE. What could be better.

For Breakfast, how about some pancakes and Bacon for breakfast! Who would not want to wake up to this breakfast.

 And for lunch, how about some soup and grilled cheese. All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter and the possibilities are endless. Maybe a ham and cheese sandwich, or just  a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the shape of a heart.

Creamy Tomato Soup Recipe

And for Dinner how about a pizza! In the shape of a heart of course.

kidskitchen heartpepperonipizza main Kid's Kitchen: Heart Shaped Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

And Dessert, well....that can be a post for another day. There are way to many choices.....

Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Party Decorations

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, all I can think about is what I am going to do and how am I going to decorate. Valentine's Day is a perfect holiday to spend together as a family and to celebrate the love that you all share with each other.

For us, Valentine's Day is an all Day Event. This week I will be sharing a post every day of how to get ready. I will include some tips and ideas on how you can celebrate this day together, with food, fun and of course some decorations!

Today, let's talk some of the decorations you can include in your Valentine's Day celebration. In my Etsy shop, for Two Days only, everything in 60% OFF. This includes all of my Valentine's Day Printable Decorations.

One of the easiest and fun items to include with your decorating is some cupcake toppers. Who doesn't love a yummy cupcake with LOTS of frosting. I have a bunch of printable cupcake toppers on sale for the next 2 days for only $2.00 .

60% OFF 2 DAY SALE Valentine's Day Owl Party - Printable Cupcake toppers, Valentines Day Cupcake Topper, Printable Party - Instant Download

60% OFF 2 DAY SALE Valentine's Day Hearts Party - Printable Cupcake toppers, Valentines Day Cupcake Topper, Printable Party - Instant Downlo 

How about including a Valentine's Day Banner. You can add them to a window, your fireplace mantel or even from a stair railing. Printable Valentine's Banners are also only $2.00 for the next 2 days.

60% OFF 2 DAY SALE Diy Be Mine Banner Flag, Printable Valentine's Day Banner, Red Hearts, Printable Banner, Instant Download Party Printable 

60% OFF 2 DAY SALE Diy Love Banner Flag, Printable Valentine's Day Banner, Owl Valentine's Day Banner, Printable Banner, Instant Download Pa

You can also add these cute little flags to your straws to add a little Valentine's Day decoration to whatever you are drinking.

 60% OFF 2 DAY SALE Valentine's Day, printable mini flags for drinks, straws, food, in red Heart pattern with Valentine's Day Theme - Printab
Tomorrow, let's talk about FOOD. One of my favourite things to talk about.

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