Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Cleaning - Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink - Cleaning and Labeling Garbage, Recycling and Compost Bins

One of the cleaning and organizing items that I wanted to tackle was to clean our garbage, compost and recycle bins.  In our area we recycle and compost in addition to our regular garbage. There is not a lot of garbage really once you recycle and compost in your home, but some things still end up in the garbage bin.
We wipe down the bins every few weeks, but they seem to get grungy very quickly, especially the lid to the compost bin. Yuck!

To organize how we short our waste, we purchased the RATIONELL from Ikea.

RATIONELL Lid IKEARATIONELL Pull-out waste sorting tray IKEA You can easily access the bins, as the drawer can be pulled out all the way.RATIONELL Recycling bin IKEA Folding handle makes it easy to carry, and keeps the liner in place.

The Rationell system from Ikea is pull out waste sorting system that you can customize to meet your needs. We use the Rationell pull out tray, 2 recycling bins and 2 of the matching lids. There are more options to chose from, but this is what works for us.

We use one of the recycle bins for Garbage and the other for our compost. We line the compost bin with a biodegradable bag. There are a lot of different brands to chose from. We have found that the BioLife compost bags that you can find at Shoppers Drug Mart work really well. They are not too thin so they do not tear easily. A torn compost bag is just gross.

For the Garbage Bin and Recycle Bin we use the kitchen bags from Costco. For the recycle bin, the garbage bag is reused multiple times until it gets yucky.

I also wanted to add some labels to the bins. I am constantly having to remind my son which bin is which. As well when we have people over, you will see them staring at the bins not knowing which is for garbage. Labeling them would help solve this problem.

 I decided to use my Silhouette Cameo to cut some blue vinyl to add to the bins. The vinyl would be easy to clean is something is spilled on the lids.

Next I cleaned the bins with a micro fiber cloth and some green works all purpose cleaner. I still have not decided on a recipe to make my own, plus I want to use up the cleaning supplies that I have on hand. This white Bin is what we use for our recycling. I am not sure where we purchased it from but it works great for our recyclable Items. We just empty it everyday into the large recycle bin in the garage.

The compost and garbage bins needed just a quick wipe down since we clean them often when taking the garbage and compost out to the garage. I also wiped down the cupboard walls since there was some splatter on them.

After everything was wiped down and clean, I affixed the vinyl labels that I had cut out with my Silhouette Cameo. The Vinyl is a Light Blue Colour. I added the labels to the lids so it is easy to see when you open the cupboard door what bin is for what.

 Next I did the same to the Recycle Bin. The Vinyl really adheres well to the lids and will be easy to keep clean. I just love them.

I also wanted to show you the other side of our under the sink cabinet. I use 2 baskets that I picked up somewhere, don't remember where to keep all of the cleaning supplies contained. Right now they are full of store bought cleaners. I hope to have my own cleaners ready by sometime next week.

And there you have it. It has been so nice since I cleaned this up to not have to answer what bin is for what. In total this task took me about 30 minutes which is not a lot of time to have everything cleaned up and organized..

How do you keep the items under your sink clean and organized?


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