Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning. Clean Away the Winter Dust Bunnies

This winter has been long, cold and snowy. While I expect winter to cold and snowy, usually we have some weeks where it warms up and some of the snow melts. Well this winter we did not have the normal winter warm ups. It has been cold, cold, snowy and oh yeah really really cold. It is spring already but if you looked outside my windows you would not know that AT ALL. the grass is still covered in snow and ice (oh thanks Ice Storm for that) and it is bitterly cold outside.

See I told you. This is a Picture of our backyard. This picture was taken this morning. That's right, We still have this much snow and it is March 26th. This is getting ridiculous.

I am done with Winter and I Welcome Spring. Did you hear that Winter, you can go away now. Spring is coming and you are not welcome any longer.

Every Spring I get the urge to clean the house. No more winter boots covered in salt and sand, saying goodbye to the mittens, hats and heavy coats.

This year I have also decided to try making our own cleaning supplies. I have been wanting to start making our own cleaning supplies for quite some time and now is the time that I am taking the plunge.

I have spend the last few days on Pinterest looking at different recipes for Cleaning Supplies. Some use more chemicals in them then others and I would like to use something that is more natural. We don't have any allergies in our home to fragrances so I will still use some essential oils, or natural fragrances since I would rather our home did not smell like vinegar.

I will be posting the progress I make with the cleaning products, and review whether I like the way they cleaned. I am hoping that by Easter I will have completed all of our Spring Cleaning and have decided on what homemade cleaner recipes that I liked the best.

Tomorrow I will post a my cleaning list. It will be in no particular order, just a list of what I would like to achieve in the next few weeks.

Would you like to join my Spring Cleaning Party? Stay tuned for a link party where you will be able to share your spring cleaning tips. Have a tip you would like to share? Be sure to add a comment. Let's help everyone with their spring cleaning.


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