Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Basement Column

Finishing the basement is progressing. I hope to have some pics in the next few days to show where we are in the process. Currently the floor is being installed, which is very exciting! I am tired of looking at the subfloor.

One of the items that we needed to address what the basement column. I did not want a standard square column. I wanted something that had some visual interest. When is comes to basement columns generally you see the standard square column.
 There is nothing wrong with this column, but not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something with a little more visual interest.

The Standard round column, I just don't care for it. It seems like every new build home uses the standard round column. Just not my thing.

Now this is something that I like! I like the style of the shaker column. This one is bigger then I would like, and I would paint ours white, but I like the idea.
 We have decided on a shaker style column, with a chair rail height middle divider. It is already built and hopefully will be installed in the next day or so.

And the floors that are being installed, here are a few pics for you. These were taken with my phone, so they are not the greatest, and there is a lot of dust on the floors but you get the idea of what it will look like.

 It is hard to see the actually colour and style of the floors in these pictures, but it is a dark hand-scrapped 14mm oak laminate floor. The lighting and my phone give the floors a bit of an orange tone, which they do not have in person.

I can't wait for the rest of the installation to be complete! This is a small storage closet that will be used for toy storage.

One last look. The shiny silver underlayment is perfect for basement floors, as it cushions the floors, but also will add some warmth to the floors. We have also added a subfloor which I will write about in a few days.

Now back to shopping. I have so much more to buy to finish this space off.

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