Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kids and their Chores

We are entering the stage in our home where we actually have to list what we would like our son to complete everyday as part of his chores. Prior to this he would happily volunteer to complete everything and anything but times they are a changing. Now I have to ask him more then once to complete something even though he knows he is supposed to these chores everyday.

To try and help with this task we have now created a chore chart for him! Kids chore charts can be very helpful for little ones to remember what it is they are to do everyday as long as they are not to complicated.


Chore charts can be very simple to implement into your daily routine as long as you keep them simple and easy to use. There is no need to create a complicated process if what you are actually trying to do is simplify your life.

Currently in my Etsy shop I am have some digital downloads that you can purchase to help start using a chore chart in your home.

When you have your chore chart ready, there are a couple of ways of using it. Just print it off on card stock, laminate the chart so that it does not get damaged, or you can purchase an acrylic frame at most dollar stores and just insert the chart in the frame. If you are using a frame you will need to scale down the document before you print it as most frames are only 8x10 and not 8.5x11 paper size.

We chose to Laminate ours, since I now have a lamination machine at home (super excited about that). We use a dry erase marker on it, and it has been working out very well. So well that I also created a Homework Organizer for him as well.

We have only started using it today, so I can't say how well it will work out in the future, but so far so good!

It give him a sense of control, and 6 year old are all about "I can do it myself".  I want to start him off now with the tool to keep himself organized when he actually has a lot more homework. Right now it's only about 15 minutes a day of work, but when he does have 3 hours of homework, he will have the skills to help keep hom o track.

What tools do you use to help keep your kids organized?

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