Thursday, December 12, 2013

Keeping your Christmas Baking Organized

It is that time of year where Christmas Baking is on a lot of peoples minds.

Every Year I bake a lot of Christmas goodies that I make ahead and freeze. Having my Christmas Baking done earlier in December makes celebrating the holidays easier and more enjoyable.

 In Early December I start planning what I will be baking and cooking for the holidays. I use this Christmas Baking and Cooking Checklist to write down all of the items that I will be making. At the bottom of the list I have a shopping list that I can add the items that I need to purchase. Once I have completed cooking the item on my list, I just check it off.

Something that always used to be a problem for me was trying to remember where I have the recipe for that special cookie that I only make for the holidays. To keep everything organized, I decided to create recipe cards that I keep in my Holiday Binder. I like Hand writing my recipes, because I think it adds a personal touch. When these recipes are handed down to the next generation, they will have my recipes in my hand writing. Priceless.
In my Etsy shop, I have a set available where you can purchase the recipe cards and the checklists. Currently these are 25% off, to help get you started on organizing your cooking and baking.


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