Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School Organizing - Printable Organizing Documents

Back to School time!  It is amazing that it is almost time for the kids to hit the books and parents to wonder how am I going to keep everything organized.

When it's time for Back to School it can bring a wave of emotions not just for the kids who are anxious to know who will be in their class and who will be their teacher but also for parents. This is the time when parents need to ensure that they have everything ready for that first day and also how are they going to ensure all of the homework is done, dates for activities are remembered and don't forget school lunches!

This doesn't have to seem like a daunting task if you keep yourself organized right from the start. Some of the things that you can do to keep yourself organized is to include a section in your family binder with all of the school related tasks and activities.

I have added a Back To School organizing pack to my Etsy Shop which includes a bunch of organizing documents to start of the school year stress free.

Full Year Calendar - this includes all 12 months of the year. The dates are left blank allowing you to use the same printable year after year. All you have to do is add the dates and you are ready to go.

Important Dates Calendar - this is a 2 page document that include 6 months per page. On here you can quickly write down the important dates that are coming up each month. It includes the month as a header and the a few lines to add the important info that is happening that month.

School and Child Contacts - These 2 contact pages help to organize all of your school contacts. The first one is for Child Contacts, where you can include the child's name, parents name, email address and phone numbers. The other is a school contact list where you can include the teachers information,
principals and any other assistants that you will need to contact throughout the year.

Lunch Box Organizer - This organizing documents allows you to plan ahead for the week what you child or children will have for lunch each day. It includes a line for each school day (Mon-Fri) and a spot for drink, lunch, snack. Planning ahead makes the task of making school lunches so much

Homework Organizer - The dreaded homework! It can be difficult to ensure that your child or children have completed all of their homework. This organizer will help organizing the subject, assignment and due date for your child's homework.

Back to school Shopping - This template allows you to write down everything you need to buy, and which store, how many you need and the price. Once you have purchased the items you just check it off.

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