Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Lunches!

It Back to School time!

Some regions school has already started, but for us School starts again after Labour Day. The week before school starts for us is all about getting everything organized for back to school. There is nothing worse then waking up on the first day of school and running around trying to get everything ready before it's time to leave.

Some of the things that we have started doing is organizing what we need for School Lunches. The school that my son goes to prefers if parents send lunches that do not produce any litter. His school is also nut free which has posed some issues when it came to deciding how and what we would use to make his lunch.

One of the things that we have done is purchase plastic (BPA Free) containers that he can easily open without the threat of the food spilling everywhere. We had originally looked at containers that were like bento boxes, but decided against them because they did not fit is his lunch bag as we would need to include 2 for his lunch. The school runs on a balanced day, which essentially means that they have 2 lunch/snack breaks with recess. This means that his lunch had to be separated into 2 containers. One for Snack 1 and another for Snack 2.

We decided to purchase these containers called Sistema. We found them at Homesense, and also have seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are great because he can easily open them, 2 fit in his lunch bag with drinks and they are dishwasher safe! Win, Win, Win.

I still wanted to be  able to separate the food in his lunch containers, so I purchased some silicone muffin cups that can be used in his lunch to keep everything separate.

We also purchased Labels to add to the items from Mabel's Labels. You can purchase labels that are dishwasher safe! They are great. Just add them to your containers and they do not fade, they never fall off and you can choose patterns that fit to whatever your child loves. Our Son really loves Firetrucks so we chose that for our labels.

We labeled the lunches Snack 1 and Snack 2 so that he can easily see what it is in his lunches.

I love how sturdy these containers are and how much room they have, so that as he grows and needs a larger lunch, these containers can grow with him.

For Drinks we went with reusable plastic drink boxes. Labeled them as we did the containers.

One of the last things that we have started using since he started school is a School Lunch Meal Planner. When I am making my meal plan for the week, I also plan out his meals for school lunches. This is so much easier then starting to make his lunch and not know what to include. When making your grocery list this helps to ensure that you purchase everything that you need for school lunches and do not run into the situation where you are out of what you need for the school lunch.

I still have more organizing to do, including his closet. More on that another day.

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