Friday, July 12, 2013

Pretty Up A Magazine Holder with paper - DIY

While cleaning the office the other day I got a little sidetracked.
I looked at the magazine holders that were on the bookshelf and decided that I could not stand looking at them any longer.  As you can see they were just black plastic and needed some freshening up.
 I decided that I would cover them in paper so that they would match the decor of the room. First thing I did was cut 2 pieces of white cardstock and glue it to the top and bottom of the magazine holder with a glue stick.
After that I found some scrapbooking paper that would match the room and cut it to fit the magazine holder.  I used my trusty glue stick again.
In total it only took about 30 minutes to cover 3 of these magazine holders. The cost was about $4 to cover all 3, as I already had the holders and all I used was some scrapbook paper that I had laying around.
I love this idea because it takes something that you already have at home that is ordinary and kicks it up a notch. Now when I look at these Magazine holders I do not see that plain old black hole and instead I see a pretty paper that softens the room.
Be sure to check back soon as next week I will be posting about other ways to use scrapbook paper to pretty up your office space, and other rooms in your house.

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