Friday, July 26, 2013

Linen Closet Organization Updated

A few weeks ago I organized my linen closet. I was really pleased on how it had turned out but decided that I could make a small change to the way I had labeled some of the items.

Previously I had not labeled the baskets, but have just labeled the shelves under each basket. I felt like I could do better than that. I created new labels and attached them to the basket with rafia.

What I did was create a template for the labels in excel which I can use over and over again. I printed them off in black and white and cut them out. After that I affixed them to some Amy Butler (i heart  Amy Butler) paper. I am not sure what the name of the Amy Butler design is, but it is a stripe pattern. Once that was complete I affixed them to some creamy coloured cardstock and hole punch them to attach them to the baskets.

Here is the finished product. I am very happy with how the labels turned out. It adds just a little something something to the linen closet that was lacking before. The best thing about this is that after creating the label template, the entire project took about 20 minutes to complete.

What can I label next.......

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