Friday, July 12, 2013

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

Most everyone has a linen closet that could use some organization. I know that my linen closet was in serious need of some organizing. Over the years we had accumulated a lot of linens, either from wedding presents when we got married over 6 years ago, to purchasing new linens to replace some older ones and then just not purging the old stuff.

A few weekends ago I decided that it was time to clean out the linen closet and purge anything that we did not need any longer. The first thing I did was take everything out of the closet and then organized everything into piles. One for Keep, one for Donate and one for Trash. I was astounded by the amount of stuff that we had in our linen closet that we should have gotten rid of a long time ago.

 After sorting everything, it was time to organize what was left. I grabbed some baskets that I had purchased to help organize this closet and my trusty label maker (who does not love a label maker).

I refolded all of the linens so that they we are all neat and pretty, because pretty is just as important as functional. The top shelf I decided to place the items that are not used as often, such as extra face cloths, decorative towels and hand towels. The next shelf I included our bath towels and bath sheets as these are needed most often. My son made all of the labels and put them on the shelves (please excuse any labels that are crooked).

Next I decided to grab one of the baskets to put our toilet paper in (mental note, fill the toilet paper in the linen closet), as I did not want to look at the packaging that it comes in. I thought this was a great idea to make it more functional and "pretty" of course. The bed linens are on this shelf as well.

On the bottom shelf I included more baskets for Table clothes, napkins, table runners etc. I was thinking of moving these items to my buffet in the dinning room, but decided I liked it better in the linen closet.

At the bottom I had enough room for laundry baskets, my bathroom shower cleaning wand (may still move this) and our inflatable bed for when guests stay over.

And here it is ! I think it looks great now. Everyone knows where everything goes, and it looks neat and organized. I am still thinking of painting the closet because it needs a little freshening but for now I am very pleased.

Ok, now I am off the fill the toilet paper basket.

What have you organized lately?

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