Monday, July 15, 2013

Cleaning and Organizing Tips

This is one of my favourite times of year. The sun is shining a little bit more, and Flowers are blooming, Veggie Garden is almost ready to start harvesting.

Summer is a great time to freshen up your home while you are packing up all the winter gear. Organizing your home does not have to be a daunting task if you break it up into smaller tasks and tackle them in small amounts of time throughout your day or week.

Here are some tips to organize your home this spring.

  • Make a list of the areas of your home that you would like to organize.
  • Breakdown the list into small tasks or sections. For instance if you want to organize your bedroom, break it down into closet, dresser, nightstands, etc. This way you will not feel overwhelmed before you even begin.
  • Look at each section that you would like to organize and decide what it is you want to achieve in that space. i.e. declutter, make the space more functional, pretty up the space etc.
  • Make a list of the areas that you need some containers for, the dimensions, colour scheme, style of storage you need. Keep this all in a little notebook in your purse. It is also a good idea to carry a small tape measure with you (the paper measuring tapes from ikea are great) as a lot of times the product may not have the dimensions listed. You can just whip out your tape measure when you need it. This book will evolve over time as you add new areas that you want to tackle and when you complete an area.
  • Go Shopping ! This does not mean that you actually need to go out to the store and buy stuff, but look around your home for boxes, baskets or other containers that you are not using to their best ability and look to re-purpose them in a new space, one that you are going to tackle. If you do need to purchase items to organize your home, think about what it is your actually need before you even leave the house. Buying organizational items just because you think you will use it will not help you organize your home. Utilize your notebook that has all of the areas you are working on written down and refer to that when you are shopping.
  • Check out your local dollar store and thrift store for items that you might need. You never know what you will find. An item from a thrift store might need a coat of paint to freshen it up, therefore you can customize it to match your colour scheme and decor.
  • Basically plan plan plan ahead. The more you plan ahead, the easier and rewarding the tasks will be.
  • Check out organizing blogs or websites for inspiration. It is amazing the ideas that you will find when you start looking. For instance the other day I was looking for a way to organize my sons book, and come across this idea to use inexpensive Ikea spice racks attached to a wall as bookshelves. I would have never thought of that idea. I will definitely use that idea to organize my sons books.
  • Tackle one area at a time when you are ready. First thing you need to do is purge the area. Look at what you are going to keep, give away, sell or throwaway. Maybe one day purge the area, the next pretty it up! When you are purging really think about what you are keeping. A lot of the times our homes are cluttered because we are afraid to throw something away. If you have not used something for 5 years but are keeping it, really think about why are your keeping it. 
  • Once you are done organizing an area, pat yourself the back and admire what you have achieved.

Organizing your home is an ongoing process. Area's that you organized beforehand, you may realize can function better if you change things around. Don't stop thinking about better ways to organize areas of your home.

What do you have on your cleaning agenda?

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